June 14, 2022


CNES SME label for space products and services.

Some 40% of the key space suppliers are SMEs, who play a vital role alongside big firms within the French industry base through their cutting-edge expertise, their impressive ability to innovate and their gret agility.

With a view to promoting the excellent work they do for the agency’s programmes, CNES offers key SME space suppliers an accreditation scheme for a broad range of products and services encompassing launchers, orbital systems, ground segments, satellites, balloons and spaceplanes. Accredited products or services must have proven their effectiveness—for example, at least one product in the range must have matured to a technology readiness level (TRL) of at least 6—and have business development potential.

The CNES-SME label scheme initiated at the start of this year is overseen by an inter-directorate accreditation committee led by the agency’s Procurement, Sales & Legal Affairs Directorate (DAJ), and by the cognizant technical departments within its other directorates. Activities submitted for accreditation are evaluated according to a range of criteria, chiefly their excellence in developing a type of product or their expertise related to a specific service.

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list of labels


  • Characterization and qualification of optoelectronic compoments for space applications.
  • - Test laboratory and evaluation programs
  • - Environmental tests (climatic, mechanical, vacuum, sun)

Agenium space

  • Onboard artificial intelligence (deep learning at the edge)


  • Design and production of classic or self-heating molding tools for satellite composite reflectors


  • Miniature and high-performance antennas for satellite constellations


  • Piezoelectric and electromagnetic space mechanism for scientific and earth observation instruments


  • Design, development and manufacturing of high optical encoders


  • Development, manufacturing, integration and tests of space mechanisms
  • Mechanical Assembly, Integration and Tests (AIT) of space technologies and sub-systems
  • Expertise and development of tchnologies and experiments for microgravity


  • Electrical ground support equipment (EGSE)
  • Expertise in the qualification of MIL-STD-1553 communication bus interfaces


  • Tests, analyses & expertise on space equipm (electronic boards / component and mechanical parts)


  • Design and production of space flight electronics for platforms and payloads (computing units, power control and distribution units, front end electronic equipment, processing and data handling equipment)


  • Experience in elaboration of standards for interoperability  of spatial information systems.
  • - ISO 19100 standards and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards


  • Expertise in remote sensing of the atmosphere and the Earth's surface : algorithm development and processing of data from space sensors.


  • 30-kg-class smallsat provider
  • Harness for satellites and launchers (design, manufacturing and integration)

Hensoldt space consulting

  • Product assurance (hardware and software)

isp system

  • Design, development, manufacturing and maintenance in operational conditions of high performance mechanisms and actuators for stratopheric and tropospheric balloons
  • Expertise in the design of deformable mirrors with electro-mechanical actuators for space applications
  • Design, development and manufacturing of electro-mechanical actuators for high resolution space applications


  • StellaNGC : GNSS Test and Measurements software suite
  • Satellite Radio-Navigation Expertise


  • Expertise in Earth-observation algorithms (image quality, physics of signal, calibartion & in-orbit tests, sensor geometry, light image processing chains)
  • Expertise in vision-based localization for space robotics (planetary and orbital)


  • Design, manufacturing and application of coatings for satellites and launchers

Mecano I.D.

  • Mechanical and structural expertise
  • Prime contractor of mechanichal and thermal subsystems for platform and payload

Mersen boostec (new)

  • Manufacturing of stable silicon carbide (SiC) mirrors and structures for space telescopes


  • Design, development, manufacturing and maintenance in operational conditions of on-bord computers for stratospheric and tropospheric balloons


  • Expertise and engineering  in the field of atmospheric re-entry.
  • - Aerothermodynamics, multiphysics  mechanical and thermal coupling.
  • - Space debris.

SAP Micromecanique

  • Manufacturing of high-dimensional-accuracy products for radio frequencies on THz range


  • Ground test facilities for satellites and launchers


  • Developement of ground systems for ventilation, water air separation  and cooling for microgravity applications
  • Mechanical Assembly Integration and Tests of space technologies  and sub systems
  • Electrical motors  - Brushless and stepper motors for space and cryogenic applications

steel electronique

  • Space electronics equipments (on-board computers, payload data handling, mass memory, ICU, new-space electronics, power units, proximity / front-end electronics, communication interface boards, electronic board manufacturing)


  • Radio frequency equipment for cubesat and nanosatellite in low earth orbit


  • Iodine propulsion systems
  • - NPT30-I2 : fully integrated propulsion system based on the gridded ion thruster technology using solid iodine propellant


  • Radiation engineering, qualification and tests of equipment, components and materials to radiation effects
  • Software products for dose calculation and radiation environment (OMERE, FASTRAD and RAYXPERT)


  • 3U nanosatellite platform and payload integration

french space industry capabilities catalogue


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