30 Avril 2018

For the English Speakers

ActInSpace is an event directed by CNES, ESA and ESA BIC Sud France

ActInSpace® 2018 will take place at the same time in many cities on all continents on May 2018, 25th & 26th. The final will take place in Toulouse on June 2018, 25th and 26th.

The aim will be to form teams to meet one of the challenges proposed by CNES and ESA in only 24h, in order to promote using of spatial technologies for the benefits of citizens, job market and earth. In a relax atmosphere, enjoy help of spatial and entrepreneurial professionals.

If you are students, young entrepreneurs, business leaders, developers, artists, job seekers, or spatial science passionates, if you want :

  • to be known in spatial industry
  • to take the opportunity to meet experts, inventors and spatial professionals
  • to take part of a fashionable challenge and discover new technologies
  • to got an entrepreneurial exprience

For subscribe : actinspace.org

For participants

Documents edition 2 :

The rules.pdf
Guide for candidates
Warm-Up presentation

Documents edition 3 :

The rules

Guide for candidates

For Organizers

Documents edition 2 :

ActInSpace- presentation file - 1p.pdf

ActInSpace - presentation - 20 slides.pdf

ActInSpace - presentation file - 4p.pdf

Poster          Flyer         Leaflet   

Reddit presentation

1st edition team file.pdf

Documents edition 3 :

Guide for organizers

Guide for jurys

Guide for spatial experts physically present in a city

Guide for spatial experts on technical support

Guide for coachs